Scot French on “Southern History as Spatial History”

Scot French poster_March2014_tnPlease join the Summersell Center and the University Libraries as we welcome Scot French, Associate Professor of Digital and Public History at the University of Central Florida and Digital Editor of the Florida Historical Quarterly, who will be delivering a talk entitled “Southern History as Spatial History: Visualizing the Local-Regional-Global Dimensions of Community Life and Place-Making.”

The spatial turn in digital humanities has transformed the field of the southern history over the past two decades by encouraging large-scale/center-based projects and, more recently, small-scale/D.I.Y. projects that highlight the movement of people/culture/ideas across time and space. How might southern historians take full advantage of vast new digital archives and desktop visualization tools to explore the local-regional-global dimensions of community life and place-making? Professor French will present several case studies drawn from his work as a digital public historian at the University of Virginia (1994-2010) and the University of Central Florida (2010-present) to illuminate larger developments in the field and suggest new directions for collaborative teaching and research.

This talk is free and open to the public, and will take place at 4 pm on Thursday, March 6, in room 205 of Gorgas Library on the University of Alabama campus.