Summersell Center Announces Fellowship Recipients for 2014-2015

The Frances S. Summersell Center and the University of Alabama Libraries are pleased to announce that short-term fellowships were awarded to the following applicants and projects for use during the 2014-2015 academic year. The eight fellowships were awarded based on the overall quality of the applications, the promise of the projects for future publication, and the ability of the applicants to make maximum use of collections and materials housed at the University of Alabama.

Samantha Bryant, Ph.D candidate in History, University of Nebraska, “Southern Jewish Student Activism and the Civil Rights Movement.”

Le Datta Grimes, Ph.D Candidate in History, University of Kentucky, “They Are Becoming Conscious: Kentucky’s Rosenwald Schools, Black Education, Black Communities, and Black Activism.”

Hunter Jackson, Ph.D candidate in Geography, CUNY Graduate Center, “’In Certain Respects, the Future Looks Bright:’ Migration, Criminalization, and Race-Making in 21st Century Alabama.”

Jessica Barbata Jackson, Ph.D candidate in History, UC-Santa Cruz, “Italian Immigrants, Race, and the Jim Crow South.”

Brian Craig Miller, Associate Professor of History, Emporia State University, “The United Confederate Veterans in History and Memory”

Evan Rothera, Ph.D candidate in History, Pennsylvania State University, “Prentiss Ingraham’s Transnational World: Exile, Leniency, Violence, and Reconstructions in America.”

Franklin Sammons, Ph.D candidate in History, UC-Berkeley, “Slavery, Commodity Chains, and Capital Flows in Antebellum Alabama and the Atlantic World.”

James Hill Welborn III, Ph.D candidate in History, University of Georgia, “Drinkin’, Fightin’, Prayin’: The Southern White Male in the Civil War Era.”