Joseph Crespino on George Wallace and Strom Thurmond, Will Be Awarded Deep South Book Prize

Crespino posterOn Monday, October 27, Joseph Crespino, Professor of History at Emory University, will join the Summersell Center for two events. First, at 3 pm in Room 110 of the AIME Building, the Summersell Center will screen two recently recovered and restored short films documenting George Wallace’s campaigns for Alabama governor in 1958 and 1962, after which Professor Crespino and Professor Kari Frederickson of the UA History Department will offer some comments and take questions. Then, at 6 pm in Gorgas 205, Professor Crespino will deliver a talk based on his most recent book “Strom Thurmond’s America.” This book was recently awarded the Deep South Book Prize from the Summersell Center, and the prize will be awarded to Professor Crespino prior to the lecture.