Dr. Coll Thrush on Indigenous London

Thrush Indigenous London bluePlease join the Summersell Center as it presents Dr. Coll Thrush, history professor at the University of British Columbia, who will be delivering a talk entitled “Indigenous London: Native Travellers at the Heart of Empire” on Wednesday, February 18, at 4 pm in Gorgas Library Room 205. Urban and Indigenous histories have usually been treated as though they are mutually exclusive. Coll Thrush’s work, however, has argued that the two kinds of history are in fact mutually constitutive. Dr. Thrush will present material from his current book manuscript, a history of London framed through the experiences of Indigenous people who travelled there, willingly or otherwise, from territories that became the US, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Stories of Inuit captives in the 1570s, Cherokee delegations in the 1760s, Hawaiian royals in the 1820s, and more–as well as the memory of these travellers in present-day communities–show the ways in which London is one ground of Indigenous history and settler colonialism.